The BuildIT conference and competition is organized by the Student Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Tallinn Tech. Our active and helpful students make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Contact Us

Jaanika Loomus

Project Manager, Collaboration Partners
jaanika.loomus (at)

Gertu Margus

Head of Board in Student Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering
gertu.margus (at)

Helina Maalt

Conference Day – organizer
helinamlt (at)

Martin Talvik

Conference Day – main organizer
martin.talvik (at)

Martin Proosa

Competition Day – main organizer
proosamartin (at)

Karina Krestinov

Competition Day – main organizer
karinakrestinov (at)

Helena KuivjƵgi

Marketing and Communication
helena.kuivjogi (at)

Maarja Abel

Marketing and Communication
maarja.abel (at)

Gerli Luunja

Logistics and Trade Fair
gerli.luunja (at)

Ede Laidro

Logistics and Trade Fair
edelaidro (at)

Lauri Lunden

Foreign Guests
lundenlauri (at)

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